The booby fairy cometh.

I am simply astounded by boobs.

Not just for their asthetically pleasing shapes,  sizes and differing composition but also for what they do and the way they do it.

“Men are hung up on breasts. They’re looking at the titty dinner. It’s pathetic.”
Betty Dodson

Yes indeedy.

They are like two blissful balloons which every month fill and deflate.

This is as a result of I believe the booby fairy coming and going.

The booby fairy’s legacy is to make my life more fun

and my wifes kind of uncomfortable

then when the booby fairy must leave she naturally returns things to normal.
But WAIT!!!

Something different happened this month?

The booby fairy came and stayed?

Now at this point some men may rejoice and count their lucky stars and not question this any further. I’d have to say my first reaction was suspiscion.

The month seemed to have definately gone past and still the boobs persisted.

I was most intruiged.

The longer this went on my thoughts were gee I hope this is it.

And it was.


We are at week 6 now and the baby / fetus / whatever…. is the size of a pea or a blueberry I know that because I watched the DVD of pregnancy for dummies.

Pregnancy for complete IDIOTS was out.

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    aww yay!!!! having a baby is so much fun!! congrats!! and i hope you guys have a happy and healthy 9 months!!

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