Who to tell?

My wife was going to a naturopathic retreat.
She had this booked for about 6 months.
She had worked hard and was going to relax for a week.
I was totally cool with that man she’s earnt it.

The day before she was due to go we suspected she may have been pregnant.

For us this was like choosing to believe in the dark arts or some sort of sourcery. We’d both given up on a natural conception.

So we put it to the test and sure enough the urine pregnancy test came back positive.

Of course we had to double check.

And of course we had to triple check.
This could not have come at a better time as she was due to go to this retreat on the Saturday. What a way to start a life with a retreat.

We knew our naturopath really well,  even so we were mildly concerned about what my wife would be expected to eat and drink and do.

Having been on retreats before  i knew it involved a day of detoxing (more if you choose) drinking cleansing juices and stuff like that.
Not want to take any chances we opted for letting our naturopath know.

Person number 2.
My wife has a personal trainer and has done for a fair while now.
Instead of going out running, jumping and having medicine balls thrown at her.  We discussed toning it back a bit.
Excercise is important…. but to us this preganancy is worth a lot  so we instituted some protective measures.

We told our parents a few days ago and we’ve reached an agreement that those who need to know get told and that’s about it. We will go public in another 6 weeks or so. If you haven’t guessed I am writing under a nom de plume.


So it’s a need to know basis thing.

Technically this makes you reading this number 6.

Wish us well and mums the word hopefully…..

Oh and keep it quiet!

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