Infrastructure, Morning Sickness and a Funny Doctor

It’s  week 6 1/2 and things are still going great!!

The reality that after 8 years of trying and a couple years of practice…

my wife is pregnant naturally.  Yippee! but it’s still feels very surreal.

Morning sickness has set in and well the wife is feeling pretty flat and without much energy.

This week it has struck me that at some point we are going to need some infrastructure and do some forward planning!

What do i mean?

Well things  like:

Car Capsule, Baby clothes, nappies, A Cot, A Pram, Bottles, A highchair, more nappies… and a thing called a breast pump

What the heck is a breast pump?

I have learnt that BABIES are postively superconsumers!

This baby isn’t even near being delivered yet and it’s already demanding half a house worth of stuff.

I know nothing about this stuff and I value your opinions on this.

We saw my partners GP this week a funny old Chinese man he very much resembles buddah. My wife has seen him her entire life and so it was a happy moment for all.  My wife says “Hello Dr….um… well we’ve come to you because I’m pretty sure that I am pregnant.” Now I know what a pregnant pause is.

The Dr sits back in his chair smiles and says “Well don’t look at me…. I had nothing to do with it.”  His comedy routine (which is very good) continues The Doctor being quite old went onto say “If I die during the consult it’s free! But if you get even part way out the door and I die,  you have to pay the bill”   🙂

He also sorted out an obstretrician now remember we are at week 6 and 3 of their refferal obstretricians were already booked out?

It begs the question how is it possible to know any sooner?

and do you book when you think you might feel your going to be pregnant?

In any case he worked out the time when the baby is due early Feb 2011.

Anyway so thats where we are on the journey and don’t hold us to that date.

I don’t quite understand all about the pregnancy thing yet… but I do know different buns in different ovens bake more or less quickly.

The bun is in and is cooking!!

Keep you posted

P.S Thanks to all the people who sent congrats we were both a bit taken back at that.

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  1. 1

    Mindless Rambler said,

    They never stop being superconsumers! Some days I feel my kids should just take my purse and leave me what they don’t need. 🙂

    As for breast pump! Ouch!

    And yes they take over the house with items but one thing I wouldn’t go crazy on although so tempting are clothes. I made that mistake with my first, everything I saw I would say “awwww” and just had to have it and not to mention all the clothes you will get as gifts, baby will be grown out of most before he/she gets to wear half of it.

    The sickness is a killer and I totally sympathise with that. My first I had it for the first 14 weeks and my second the whole 9 months. I found eating lightly but more often was better than huge meals.


  2. 2

    Mindless Rambler said,

    PS You may find my latest post useful 🙂

  3. 3

    Sarah Baram said,

    I am not sure exactly of where you are, but many towns have exchange outlets for baby clothes, and toys. Most things are very lightly used and in good enough condition to be used again and again. Also, I would highly recommend asking anyone around you for hand me downs. Babies grow so fast and “supplies” are expensive so it’s great to have someone to share products with!
    As for morning sickness, saltines and seltzer. They also have nausea bracelets you can buy in some pharmacies. They work great most of the time.
    You sound so happy, congratulations!

    • 4

      austinmay said,

      I am from the West Coast of Australia and we don’t have any organised exchange outlets that I am aware of?
      And I could really be wrong here!

      But that’s a really good idea.
      Baby clothes and toys mostly get donated and can be found in abundance in charity shops for next to nothing.

      I am not exactly sure what a saltine is I think it’s a salty cracker? My wife has found Country Cheese crackers taste nice and do that job.

      I think that seltzer is some sort of a fizzy drink? We’ve found that Lite Ginger Ale seems to work wonders? although i have no idea why?

      • 5

        Sarah Baram said,

        A saltine is just a salty cracker, you’re right! And same with seltzer, it’s just the same as ginger ale! Hope she’s feeling well, you must be so excited!

  4. 6

    Matt Howell said,




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