Pregnancy Week 11! 7 days to going public and an obscure reference to Tom Cruise!

Ok so it’s week 11.

We are going public in 1 week.

You may think well you’ve already gone public? since well your writing a bloody blog.  This maybe true in one sense, but most of our family don’t know as yet.  This is a problem any couple has to deal with.

The solution I came up with was I’d tell the world under a nom de plume…..

Then tell all and sundry when things were safe after week 12 just in case anything goes wrong.

We have in this last week met with our Obstretrician which went well.

I think both my wife and I will be happy with that decision.  But really most of the time how much do these people do?

I have absolutely no idea?

I know they have skills which if everything goes all bad, I will really want on hand….

But the rest of the time isn’t it kind of like lots of waiting… watching and let the midwives deal with the majority of it??? Time will tell and I am most happy to receive feedback on this.

We had another ultra-sound (Yes this baby is the most ultra-sounded baby ever) I heard the heart beat again, it’s strong and rapid. This does not get boring!

I understand now why Tom Cruise bought one of these machines when he was having his last kid.  As a toy this is pretty cool.

But….This was an external ultrasound not an internal ultrasound so the clarity and definition is just not the same, I ‘d have to say I was a little disappointed after the first one it’s like watching video as compared wiith HD. Putting my own disappointment at the clarity to one side.

Again the photo’s we were left with were completely indistguishable.


Very happy to say the baby is still ALL GOOD.

The Doctor said the baby has a head of a 12 week baby at 11 weeks.

He looked at me and said well dad’s a pretty big guy, I am 6 ‘5 … He said “more than likely it’s yours.”  It’s nice to know even at this  early stage that the baby has charecteristics that resemble  us / me.

As a prospective parent, I have without really wanting to started to take stock of my life. I’ve looked back at my achievements and my failures of which there have been many.

I’ve also been assessing where in life I am………

What do I bring to the table?

Am I truely happy with it all?

The long answer to this would be another blog but suffice to say when I weighed up my lifes achievements,  this is by far and away the best. I can’t really imagine how I could top this one, or how any person could?

The reason I say this is I’ve always thought it was kind of lame claim to fame. What’s worse is the people in my experience who claim this seem to live vicariously then through their children.

I was always concerned to claim procreation as the peak achievement of ones life, but having never been in this position before and reframing this by the adversity of almost 10 years of trying I now think this is completely unlame and a completely reasonable peak, and my previous thinking can go stuff itself in a bag and be thrown into the garbage.

Having stuffed that thought and thrown it away I’ll move on…

The wife has been sick everywhere……… and at all times.

She has been constantly in a pool of her own sputem and I now know it should be called  ALL day ALL night random sickness. She has puked more times than we have meals and after being sick there’s always the inevitable words which follow:

“Oh I feel horrible!” & “I feel hungry again”

Thus the magical circle of life…. and sputem… continue.

Next Blog THE BIG REVEAL and hopefully a video!

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