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The most wanted pregnancy in the world

Well it’s been 3 weeks since I found out my partner of 10 years is pregnant!
Weve been seriously trying for around 8 of those ten years.
We’ve done IUI and were going to do IVF the end of this year.

Fertility has been an issue in my family with my brother and his partner
they have done IVF a lot of times and had one success.

In an effort to make this happen naturally we decided to do what we could naturally. My partner and I eat a healthy diet mostly organic food
we rarely drink alcohol.
Neither of us smoke.

The only change we made was coming off some antidepressants.
I came off  prozac after 10 years of being on it and other similar medications.
I must say I didn’t just decide to come off them.

This for me was as a result of forward progress through understanding myself. These simply no longer served a purpose for me.

After 6 weeks being off prozac my wife was pregnant.

And so…

I cordially invite you to follow me (a very simple man)

with his take on our very much wanted and long time awaited pregnancy.

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